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visite d’entreprise

Jean Gotta

verwerking van vlees van runderen, kalf en varken Aubel

Wij nodigen u graag uit voor een nieuw bedrijfsbezoek, ditmaal in de vleessector (rund-, kalf-en varkensvlees).

Het bedrijf is Jean Gotta (GHL Groupe SA/NV) in Aubel, in de Luikse regio.

Dit bedrijf produceert verschillende soorten stukken vlees, van versneden stukken tot consumentenporties.

Ontmoeting in Aubel op woensdag 11 mei om 14.00 uur

Adres :

GHL Groupe S.A/N.V
Rue de Merckhof 113
4880 Aubel

Opgelet, het aantal bezoekers is beperkt tot 20 personen. Inschrijving is verplicht bij

transformation de viande de boeuf, veau et porc

Nous vous invitons à une nouvelle visite d’entreprise, cette fois-ci dans le secteur de la viande (bœuf, veau et porc).

Il s’agit de l’entreprise Jean Gotta à Aubel, dans la région de Liège.

Cette entreprise produit différents types de pièces de viande, des morceaux découpés jusqu’aux portions consommateur ».

Rendez vous à Aubel le mercredi 11 mai à 14h

Adresse :

GHL Groupe S.A/N.V
Rue de Merckhof 113
4880 Aubel

Attention, le nombre de visiteurs est limité à 20 personnes. L’inscription est obligatoire chez

Een landbouweconomische blik op de stikstofproblematiek

Samen met ILVO en de organisatoren van de Landbouwstudiedag, die traditioneel wordt ingericht door de vakgroep landbouweconomie van de Universiteit Gent, organiseerde de Belgische Vereniging voor Landbouweconomie (BLVE) op 4 mei 2022 een studienamiddag
‘Een landbouweconomische blik op de stikstofproblematiek’.

Best Paper Award

Charlotte Janssens

On April 5, 2022, Charlotte Janssens received the best paper award at the 22nd PhD Symposium on Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics of the Belgian Association of Agricultural Economists (BAAE).

Charlotte Janssens received the BVLE PhD Symposium award for the paper ‘Trade, Storage and Climate Extremes: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa’.  Charlotte is working on her PhD at KU Leuven under the supervision of Prof. Miet Maertens.

Trade, Storage and Climate Extremes: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa’

Abstract – Global warming is associated with changes in the frequency, intensity, spatial extent, duration and timing of temperature and precipitation extremes. Agriculture is particularly vulnerable to such climate extremes, often resulting in large production losses and an increased reliance on market mechanisms to ensure local food availability. This research focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa, a hotspot for food insecurity and climate extremes, and characterized by high trade costs and diverse agricultural market policies. First, a multi-region model of storage and trade under uncertainty in annual agricultural productivity is developed. Second, qualitative predictions are derived based on numerical simulation exercises. When extreme events vary across time, inter-annual storage may buffer food shortages in years with bad harvests. When the temporal pattern of extreme events varies across space and households engage in precautionary saving, trade may buffer local food shortages. The complementarity of trade and storage critically depends on the temporal and spatial correlation of climate extremes. The theoretical model predictions are empirically tested in the third step by estimating the heterogeneous food security impacts of dry and wet climatic conditions across ecological and economic dimensions. A doubling of the travel time to port, almost triples the impact of dry conditions in Arid, Semi-Arid and Sub-Humid areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. A 1% increase in the stock-to-use ratio of cereals, reduces the impact of next year’s dry conditions in Arid, Semi-Arid and Sub-Humid areas with 18%. Studies on possible mechanisms of adaptation to future climate change impacts should consider the complementarity of storage and trade.

PhD Award 2018 – 2021


The award for the best PhD defended at a Belgian University in the period July 2018 – June 2021 in the area of agricultural economics is given to Oyakhilomen Oyinbo for his PhD: Site-specific nutrient management advice and agricultural intensification in maize-based systems in Nigeria

April 5 2022

Symposium (un)fair trade practices

December 14th 2021 – Brussels

The Belgian Association of Agricultural Economists (BAAE) and the Strategic Advisory Council on Agriculture and Fisheries (SALV) welcomes you on December 14th to a symposium on unfair trading practices.
The symposium coincides with the first Dialogue for the Future of the Strategic Advisory Council for Agriculture and Fisheries. The Dialogues for the Future are part of the advisory council’s aim to broaden its understanding of the opportunities and challenges which Flemish agriculture and horticulture will face in the next two decades. The dialogues act as a starting point and breeding ground for a new elaboration on the five ‘key challenges identified of a sustainable future of agriculture in Flanders’ by the advisory council in 2017 at the request of the Flemish Parliament.

Symposium information

The symposium takes place on December, 14th at 13h30 till 16h00 in ZOOM


  1. Opening by the chairperson of SALV (Hendrik Vandamme)
  2. Introduction by Claude Menard (Professor Emeritus, Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne): how to define fairness and how this is reflected in the EU B2B regulation
  3. Federica di Marcantonio (JRC-EC): Contracts and farmers’ perception on (un)fair trading practices: some evidence from research
  4. Viewpoint of the Strategic Advice Council for Agriculture (Pieter De Graef, SALV)
  5. Options taken in the transposition of the UTP-Directive by the Belgian legislator, (Paul Cambie, Federal Service for Economy)
  6. Debate with
    • Jean-Pierre Van Puymbrouck (
    • Pieter Verhelst (Boerenbond)
    • Hendrik Vandamme (ABS) 
    • Renaat Debergh (BCZ-CBL)
    • Frank Socquet (UNIZO)
    • Carole Dembour (FEVIA Vlaanderen)


Please register before December 12th 12h00.   A ZOOM-link will be sent to those who registered.
The BAAE is a small membership organization.  Your support is welcome. Participants are encouraged to pay the BAAE membership fee of €15 to IBAN BE36 1032 0577 7181 mentioning “BAAE member fee 2021 – NAME” and register at

Looking forward to see you all

Guido Van Huylenbroeck

Koen Carels

Dear all,

We cordially invite you to the second webinar of the Belgian Association of Agrcultural economists

‘The European green deal and its impact on agriculture and the food system’

on Thursday 25/3 from 15 to 17 h

European Green Deal

The program is as follows:

  1. Introduction by Professor Guido Van Huylenbroeck, President of the ABER/BVLE
  2. The green deal and the new Common Agricultural Policy by Dr. Anastassios Haniotis, Director, DG AGRI, European Commission
  3. The policy implications of the green deal on the CAP by Professor Jean-Christophe Bureau, AgroParisTech and INRAE
  4. From farm to fork strategy: How this should be adapted to make progress towards a climate neutral agriculture by Dr. Tessa Avermaete and Prof. Em. Wannes Keulemans, KU Leuven
  5. Flanders’ Protein Strategy: a building block for an integrated Flemish Food Policy by Mr. Kris Roels, LV Vlaanderen
  6. Short reflections from Mr. José Renard, Secrétaire général de la Fédération Wallonne de l’Agriculture (FWA) and Mr. Pieter Verhelst, Boerenbond
  7. Debate with the public

Please confirm your participation through


1/ This activity is for MEMBERS ONLY. Therefore we ask all those wanting to participate to first become member and to regulate with their inscription also their 2021 membership fee of 15 euro  following the instructions on following site: 

2/ Attendees agree they will be listed in the public event registration page

3/ Registered attendees will receive a link to the ZOOM webinar by email

4/ Ticket sales will end at March 23 12h00

Prof. Guido van Huylenbroeck

President of ABER/BVLE

Koen Carels

Secretary of ABER/BVLE

Dear BVLE/ABER members [1]

COVID times have not prevented the Belgian Association of Agricultural Economics to remain active, among others with the organization of some successful webinars. However, we all feel time has come to resume our on campus activities including more social events. Therefore we want to invite you on Friday, October, 15th to a hopefully nice and interesting visit in the neighborhood of Leuven. The programme we foresee is as follows:

  • 14h00: General assembly at Division of Bio-Economics of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of KULeuven, Celestijnenlaan 200E B-3001 Leuven-Heverlee: election of members of the board + finances 2020
  • 14h30: Visit to and presentation of the Division of Bio-Economics of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of KULeuven
  • 15h45: Departure to Meerdael
  • 16h30: Visit (with tasting) of the wine company Chardonnay-Meerdael, Monarkenweg 50 – 3050 Oud-Heverlee

During the visit we foresee for translation to English and French where needed.
For the visit of the wine company we are limited in number of persons per group. So a quick registration by sending an email to is needed to reserve your place (no later than October 6th).
We hope this programme is of interest to all our members, including those from abroad.  We will of course take into account the COVID rules of that moment and ask to present a covid-safe proof to create a safe environment for all particpants.
Looking forward to see you all

Guido Van Huylenbroeck                                        Koen Carels

[1] This activity is for MEMBERS ONLY. Therefore we ask all those wanting to participate to first become member and to regulate with their inscription also their 2021 membership fee of 15 euro at BE36 1032 0577 7181

ABER/BVLE symposium in Brussels on the Milk price crisis

ABER/BVLE nieuwjaarsreceptie + lezing: recente ontwikkelingen van prijzen en kosten in de melkketen door Jean-Jacques Vanhaelen
download – presentatie

ABER/BVLE symposium on poverty in agriculture
Louvain-la-Neuve, December 11 2008.
download – presentatie
EAAE – congres

de lezing van Dhr Luc Aucremanne over de inflatie in het algemeen en de stijging van de voedingsprijzen in het bijzonder. download – presentatie

BVLE Workshop: call for papers
    Cover outline

Lezing van Dr. Schneider “The Health Check of the CAP: Is this a real Reform?
download – presentatie

Beleidsstudiedag “Samenwerking in de landbouw: getuigen van succes en falen” door ons georganiseerd in samenwerking met de FOD Economie.
Programma –>( NL / FR ).
download – presentaties

BVLE – Symposium
ILVO, Melle Meer infoInformation download – presentaties

Algemene Vergadering + voorstelling jaarthema: samenwerking
download nieuwjaarsbrief van de BVLE voorzitter

Algemene Vergadering

Studiedag in Brussel
“Biotechnologie: economische uitdagingen en maatschappelijke visies”
georganiseerd door de Belgische Vereniging voor Landbouweconomie in samenwerking met FOD Economie.

BVLE Workshop Louvain

WTO: het bredere belangenkader, de uitdagingen en de rol die landbouw daarin speelt.

Symposium Rural Development – Gembloux

AgEcon Seminars – Brussel

Studiedag – Hervorming van het suikerbeleid – Brussel
download – presentaties

Workshop Gent
download – presentaties

Symposium – organisatievormen in de landbouw – Heverlee